Filipino Wedding Customs


Philippine marriage traditions certainly are a reflection within the culture’s love meant for the sanctity of relationship. They are simply a beautiful special event intended to help remind the couple that all their connection is required to last forever.

Filipinos sometimes follow superstitions that help them prevent bad luck on the special day. As an example, brides probably should not try on their particular wedding dress before the big day since it is considered bad luck. They should also be dressed in white clothes as it is a symbol of purity, which is a a valuable thing.

Barong Tagalog Shirts

Grooms and groomsmen are typically dressed in Barong Tagalog shirts, which are sheer, long-sleeved button-up shirts with thin, finely stitched fabrics. This sort of outfit is worn untucked on top of pants and can be expensive as they are made by hands.

Funds Dance

The money dance is a fun approach to celebrate a Filipino wedding ceremony. During the dance, guests pin currency on the couple’s clothing. This is a way for family and close friends to would like the newlyweds good fortune and develop their fiscal future.

Veil Formal procedure

The veil ceremony can be described as traditional Philippine ritual where bride and groom happen to be asked to wear the wedding veil. The veil is short for their commitment to each other.

Grain Cakes

During the wedding, the few is dished up online dating without a picture sticky grain cakes which have been symbolic of beautiful filipina girls their staying along throughout their marriage. These grain cakes are often wrapped in palm leaves and a selected “bidder” will put money off the grain cake designed for the couple.