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Save me alike from silly pride, Or impious discontent, At aught Thy wisdom has denied, Or aught Thy goodness lent. Teach me to really feel another’s woe, To cover the fault I see That mercy I to others display, That mercy clearly show to me.

Mean while I am, not wholly so, Due to the fact quickened by Thy breath Oh, lead me wheresoe’er I go, Through this day’s daily life or death. This day, be bread and peace my good deal: All else beneath the sunshine, Thou know’st if best bestowed or not And allow Thy will be completed. To Thee, whose temple is all house, Whose altar earth, sea, skies, One chorus enable all staying raise, All Nature’s incense rise!MORAL ESSAYS, IN 4 EPISTLES TO Various Individuals.

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Est brevitate opus, ut currat sententia, neu se Impediat verbis lassas onerantibus aures: Et sermone opus est modo tristi, sæpe jocoso, Defendente vicem modo Rhetoris atque Poetæ, Interdum urbani, parcentis viribus, atque Extenuantis eas consultò. – Hor. (Sat.

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ARGUMENT. Of the Understanding and People of Adult males.

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I. That it is not enough for this expertise to take into account Man in the Abstract: Publications will not provide the intent, nor nevertheless our individual Expertise singly, v. Basic maxims, except they be shaped upon both, will be but notional, v.

Some Peculiarity in each person, characteristic to himself, yet various from himself, v. Challenges arising from our individual Passions, Fancies, Schools, and so on. , v. The shortness of Daily life, to observe in, and the uncertainty of the Concepts of action in males, to observe by, v. Our very own Principle of action often hid from ourselves, v.

Some several People basic, but in standard confounded, dissembled, or inconsistent, v. The very same guy totally various in various spots and seasons, v. Unimaginable weaknesses in the biggest, v. Almost nothing regular and certain but God and Mother nature, v. No judging of the Motives from the actions the very same actions continuing from contrary Motives, and the very same Motives influencing opposite steps v.

II. Still to kind Characters, we can only take the strongest actions of a man’s existence, and try out to make them concur: The utter uncertainty of this, from Nature alone, and from Policy, v. Figures offered in accordance to the rank of males of the entire world, v. And some motive for it, v.

Instruction alters the Character, or at minimum Character of numerous, v. Steps, Passions, Viewpoints, Manners, Humours, or Rules all issue to transform. No judging by Mother nature, from v. III.

It only continues to be to locate (if we can) his Ruling Passion: That will absolutely affect all the rest, and can reconcile the seeming or real inconsistency of all his steps, v. Instanced in the extraordinary character of Clodio, v. A warning towards mistaking second features for initially, which will demolish all chance of the knowledge of mankind, v. Illustrations of the energy of the Ruling Passion, and its continuation to the previous breath, v. Yes, you despise the guy to textbooks confined, Who from his study rails at human sort Nevertheless what he learns he speaks, and may advance Some general maxims, or be ideal by likelihood. The coxcomb bird, so talkative and grave, That from his cage cries c**d, w**e, and knave, While a lot of a passenger he rightly simply call, You maintain him no philosopher at all. And yet the destiny of all extremes is this kind of, Males might be study as perfectly as publications, much too substantially. To observations which ourselves we make, We improve far more partial for the observer’s sake To composed knowledge, as another’s, less: Maxims are drawn from notions, these from guess. There is some peculiar in every leaf and grain, Some unmarked fibre, or some various vein: Shall only male be taken in the gross? Grant but as numerous sorts of brain as moss.